About Us

Eudora Global Ventures is one of Canadian leading and most diversified International Trading and Investment Company,located at the financial district in Peel Region of Mississauga Ontario Canada.
Eudora Global Ventures is one of the largest Retail,Procurement,Purchasing and Suppliers of General Goods,Manufacturers Sales Representatives, Consumers Goods and Commodities Distribution Company.We have global outlook and has worked extensively toward that in the past with credibility.
Our collective investment and operational experience is outstanding,We are currently in partnership with most reputable companies in Europe,Asia,Africa and Latin America.
We are purpose driven company with the care and satisfaction of our customers and clients in mind, on this we have our core value and has build our reputation on that.
We are Dynamic,Focused,Quality,Outstanding and Reliable,

Our Vision: To Provide our customers with Quality products and services which we stand for.
Our Mission: To serve with integrity and strong-will by providing excellency and dynamism to all and in all we do.